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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Took A While, But It's Here

It's been so long since someone claimed that graphic novels were not "real" literature that I was in serious danger of thinking them legitimate writing.

Thank God we've Tony Long to put us in our place.

Aw. Cry me a river.

Galleycat said it far better than I could on the matter:
Sounds like somebody's got a "real novel" gathering dust in a drawer someplace (or, these days, taking up space on a hard drive), and I bet he's a crummy draughtsman to boot. Comics newsblogs are being restrained in their attention to Long's whiny complaint, but bestselling author Neil Gaiman, who flits between comic books and real novels with the greatest of ease, gets in a blistering oh-shut-up retort: "I suppose if he builds a time machine he could do something about Maus's 1992 Pulitzer, or Sandman's 1991 World Fantasy Award for Best Short Story, or Chris Ware's Jimmy Corrigan winning the 2001 Guardian First Book Award, or even Watchmen's appearance on Time's Hundred Best Novels of the 20th Century list. Lacking a Time Machine, it seems a rather silly and antiquated argument, like hearing someone complain that women have the vote or that be-bop music and crooners are turning up in the pop charts."


At 11:14 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

As one who doesn't, in fact, read many graphic novels, my immediate reaction to the Tony Snow essay was to put it in the same vein as "X isn't real music" or "The Beatles didn't actually play rock'n'roll and are therefore worthless" or "Science fiction isn't literature" or...the list goes on. "Get a grip" seems like the kindest response (to Snow, certainly not to Gaiman!).


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