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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Packer-man Fever

So I'm reading the November 17, 2006 edition of Entertainment Weekly and I come to a television review of the new Taye Diggs show Day Break. Pretty standard stuff. Anyway, I'm mindlessly reading along when author Gillian Flynn makes the following suprising statement.

"At its best, Day Break has a Choose Your Own Adventure feel (one of the really good Edward Packer ones) with Hopper as the adventurer."

As I am not a person who is afraid to admit that she enjoys reading Entertainment Weekly, likewise I am not afraid to admit that I read Choose Your Own Adventure novels by the truckload as a child. And color me crazy but I never realized that some of them were written by mysterious superior author Edward Packer. A quick run to my kitchen bookshelf just now and lo and behold there lies Choose Your Own Adventure #62, Sugarcane Island written by you-know-who.

My husband sees me writing this and he informs me that I will now be inundated with rabid Edward Packard fans. I am not entirely certain such creatures exist. Will anyone now stand up to defend the honor of this hitherto unknown mastermind?


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