Fuse #8

Monday, December 18, 2006

Bone Cover Design

I've talked on and off about cover design and the impact a good or bad cover can have on children's book sales. Until this moment, however, I've never really considered how the cover of a children's graphic novel can help or hurt its presentation. So once again today we turn to the ever informative Drawn. They've a piece entitled Cover Design: Bone that dissects various Bone related covers over the years through various reprintings. The general consensus by the end is that Scholastic's current covers are, by and large, well thought out, eye-catching, and impossible to resist when they're sitting on a library shelf. They're the best of the lot. And I can personally attest to the fact that when you give these books the proper presentation, they disappear off the graphic novel shelf within minutes. Scholastic's doing something right here, and I hope the rest of the publishing world is taking note.

Thanks again and again to Drawn for the link.


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