Fuse #8

Monday, December 18, 2006

You Make Everything Groovy

The good people at Drawn can explain what this is far better than I can.
... the “Where the Wild Things Are” CG test from 1983. It featured John Lasseter’s (and Glen Keane’s) hand animated characters on 3D computer backgrounds done by MAGI Synthevision. Disney dropped the project, but both Lasseter and LucasFilm saw the potential of this new medium. John was hired by LucasFilm (later named Pixar) soon afterwards and, well...you know the rest.

All the more interesting when you consider the upcoming Spike Jonze movie, non? If you somehow missed it, you may also wish to satiate your Wild Thing needs with Roger Sutton's recent adorable posting. Kudos galore to the poster known as o. darklady who commented, "And, might I add, Mr. Sendak, that Max's dinner isn't the only thing that is still hot."

Thanks again to Drawn for the link.


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