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Saturday, January 13, 2007


Sometimes I wait a day to post hot news because if I blow my wad one day I may not have anything left of interest to display on another. Case in point, the fact that Ellen Raskin is hot property these days. I scouted out all the other blogs, didn't see a mention, and felt puh-retty pleased with myself. "Gee," says I, "I'll just pop on over to The Children's Literature Book Club and then begin editing my posts." Yeah, you guessed it. They totally beat me to the punch.

(please read the following in an overtly flowery voice of landed gentry)
Well played, Children's Literature Book Club. This round goes to you. Top drawer.

Here's the actual story:
Stephanie Owens Lurie and Mark McVeigh at Dutton have acquired five books by Newbery Award–winner and The Westing Game author Ellen Raskin in a major six-figure deal negotiated by Alex Glass and John Silbersack at Trident on behalf of the Raskin estate. The books include two new puzzle mystery novels: The Westing Quest, a sequel to The Westing Game, and A Murder for Macaroni and Cheese, a never-before-seen manuscript nearly completed at the author's death in 1984. The deal also includes the reissue of three backlist novels, Figgs & Phantoms, The Mysterious Disappearance of Leon (I Mean Noel) and The Tattooed Potato.
I'll repeat that for you. There's a freakin' sequel to The Westing Game out there and how many of us knew that off the top of our heads? No, it can't possibly be any good but I, for one, will certainly try to locate myself a copy ASAP.

And while I'm discussing reissues of old fabulousness, did anyone else notice that Andre Norton's works have been republished this and last year in paperback form without so much as a whisper of publicity? If you haven't read Lavender-Green Magic you've done yourself a disservice. Norton was one of the very few authors out there writing fantasy and sci-fi with African-American characters. So imagine my shock when I saw that Starscape (an imprint of Tor) has been faithfully republishing them with new covers and calling them "The Magic Books". Did I miss this announcement or did all of you know about it from the start? I'm not a huge fan of their cover art, but at least the books are getting out there again. FYI, folks.

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At 1:12 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

the westing game sequel was plotted and at least begun by Raskin, so why not actually hold off on judging it until it actually is available for reading?

just a thought.

At 6:11 PM , Blogger fusenumber8 said...

Calm yourself, my pretty. It could be great. I'm just saying that history is not on the book's side. When children's authors and illustrators leave behind unfinished works, the results are mixed at best. Remember Daisy-Headed Maisy? Sometimes it's brilliant and sometimes it's not. True enough, I'm jumping to conclusions. And, as I mentioned before, I will be the first person in line to purchase the item when it becomes available.


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