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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Best 100 Books of the 21st Century

It's not a bad idea, actually. Librarian Patricia Castelli, resident of Orem, Utah, has compiled a list of the 100 Best Books of the 21st Century. Kind of a fun idea. Her preferred books is like all booklists out there. Some things you agree with. Some things you bash your head against a wall trying to understand. Like the rest of you, I found out about this list through bookshelves of doom (where roughly 98% of all my news comes from) and I thought Leila and her commentators placed their fingers firmly on the pulse of some of the list's wonky elements. My own thoughts tended to bounce like a tennis ball back and forth. For example:
  • Ida B???? Really? I'm pleased to see that people agree with me that it's dreadful treacle, but even if you liked it would you really put it on this list? Oh. But see, now I feel bad. What if the author reads this and feels terrible because I've put down her book? *sigh* All right. Amend "dreadful treacle" to "mildly unnerving magical realism" then.
  • Yay, Worth! Me likey, Worth. Worth's one of those books that disappear without a trace, but should really be rediscovered before it's too late. Great book, that. Ditto Each Little Bird That Sings (twas ROBBED of Newbery attention, I tells ye).
  • What President's Are Made Of? Really really? You'd include that? More than, oh say, An Egg Is Quiet?
  • Yay, The Dinosaurs of Waterhouse Hawkins!
And back and forth it goes. Fun reading in any case. You can cheer your favorites on and boo the unworthy. Off you go, my children.

Thanks to Bookshelves of Doom for the link.


At 1:18 PM , Blogger MotherReader said...

And third from the top - Tulane! I swear, is there some kind of subliminal message in the book that makes people like it more than they should? Are the pages laced with nicotine so that as the reader flips the pages they are overcome with some level of addiction to the book? Did most people receive copies with a $20 bill inside, thus triggering good feelings about the book? I will never understand it.

At 6:05 PM , Blogger Mary Lee said...

I TOTALLY agree about the Newbery theft of Each Little Bird That Sings. What a great book!

At 12:39 AM , Blogger fusenumber8 said...

So so good. Could've been precious in the worst sense and wasn't. ROBBED!


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