Fuse #8

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Money via Gotta Book

I have no idea what Flashquake is, but they're holding a Fibs contest. As I am certain you all know, Gregory K. of Gotta Book invented this form of poetry. The first line of a Fib is one syllable and each line after that combines the total syllables of the previous two lines. As a result, the six-line syllable count is 1-1-2-3-5-8. You get the picture. At any rate, there's a contest out there using the poems.
Our Less Is More contest will open on January 1. We're accepting entries for micro-fiction of 100 words or less and mini-poems called "Fibs." And to acknowledge flashquake's long commitment to the visual arts, we'll showcase "micro" photographs taken with cell phone or PDA cameras.
First prize? Seventy-five big ones. Hey, man. When you're a librarian, $75 is nothing to sneeze at. Rules are on the site.

Thanks to Gotta Book for the link.

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