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Friday, January 05, 2007

Strollerderby, Eh?

By the time I actually get around to creating a kid of my own, I am going to be well and truly set webwise.

So I just discovered Strollerderby. Which is to say, they were nice enough to link to me and I , in turn, was curious enough to wonder who they were. It's a pretty hip parenting site, actually. With what is undoubtedly an inspired byline ("The upside of sleep deprivation: plenty of time to post") they say of themselves, "Updated more than twelve times daily by the wittiest parents in the blogosphere, Strollerderby provides a scroll of breaking news, spot-on reviews of entertainment and products, and irreverent discussions of hot topics."

Posts that intrigue me include, but are not limited to, Kids TV That Doesn't Suck, Writing Your Digits On Your Kids, That New Baby Smell: Coveting Your Friend's Baby, and of course That New Baby Smell: Not Coveting Your Friend's Baby.


At 2:56 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our pleasure to link to you. And thanks for returning the favor!


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