Fuse #8

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Best Summaries of the Week Yet

Monica Edinger has summed up the Great Scrotum Debate of '07 with a post that takes into account children's reactions. If you're not sick of this topic by now (and with a name like "scrotum" how could you be?) head on over and take a look-see.

Mediabistro did a great round-up as well, showing how many of the librarians quoted in the original New York Times piece are doing some serious backpedaling in terms of whether or not they'd purchase the book. I like that Ron Hogan knows his Newbery winners. Frisby Forever!

Oh. And extra ballsy points going out to Kane/Miller Publishers. Taking advantage of the state of the world today, they've had the wherewithal to post a review of their own book Lucky which just happens to be about..... a dog. No scrotums that I can see, but note the position of the dog's rear. If anyone wanted to inspect it, they'd be more than able.

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