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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Drawn Collection of Info With Doonesbury!

Sometimes if you leave a blog alone for a little while it'll come up with a whole crop of wonderful goodies, just ah-sittin' there, awaiting your return. I've always enjoyed the Drawn! Illustration and Cartooning blog, but it's not always a sure-fire source of kidlit info. When I happened across it yesterday, however, I found all sorts of goodies available for perusal.

For starters, Mary Blair did commercials, it seems. You may remember her from her Little Golden Book I Can Fly. Well, everything's come full circle, it seems. After all, Patrick McDonnell, sometimes cartoonist/sometimes picture book author, has made commercials of his own as well.

In other news, there's a blog out there called the Etch-a-Sketchist. Pretty much what it sounds like.

And some kind soul has taken the time and energy to collect every Sesame Street short from A to Z.

The greatest of all these?
Five parts of the animated Doonesbury series are up on YouTube. It's very odd. Aired on TV in 1980 and hasn't been seen since. The strip of my youth. Definitely worth watching.

Thanks to Drawn for all the links.

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