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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Matches Made In Heaven

Some of us wait for the second coming of the Jim Henson Company with a kind of fervent hope. Jim dies and nothing is ever the same again. Well check out this news item if you will:
The Jim Henson Company is looking to head deeper into a genre it does very well, as it picked up three fantasy based books for its film development slate and live-action projects. Jim Henson's Creature Shop , the visual and special effects division of Henson, will develop the characters for each movie using a mix of CGI and animatronics. All three movies will be produced by co-CEOs Lisa Henson and Brian Henson, and Jason Lust, SVP/Feature Films. The company has picked up the movie rights to:
The Boggart , by author Susan Cooper , is the story of Canadian family that inherits a Scottish castle including a jovial spirit, which has been playing tricks on castle residents for generations. Developed as a live-action family film with Brian Henson is set to direct.

The Doubtful Guest , by the inimitable Edward Gorey , is about a mysterious creature that shows up unannounced and unwelcome at a family-owned bed & breakfast, where all are perplexed by its habits. Brad Peyton is slated to direct the movie featuring a screenplay by Matthew Huffman.

Monster Blood Tattoo is a fantasy/adventure book trilogy, by D.M. Cornish, which includes Foundling, Lamplighter, and a third untitled novel, is set in a 'magical Victorian realm' and follows an orphaned boy on a dangerous quest to become an apprentice to a line of monster bounty hunters. There is no writer or director as of now.
There's also some talk of The Dark Crystal 2 and a Fraggle Rock movie (with Ahmet Zappa at the helm, oh ye gods) but for now we'll just concentrate on how nice a Boggart film would be. And I guess I have to read Monster Blood Tattoo, huh Tim?

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At 6:53 PM , Blogger L. Diane Wolfe said...

That is tremendous news! A second coming is in order and I would be thrilled to see Dark Crystal II, even if there is no reason for a sequel. There have not been enough Henson movies since Jim died, as the company chose to contribute to other projects (such as Far Scape).
Thank you for making my day!

At 12:10 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed...you must, and I am...



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