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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Oh Warriors! Come Out and Play-yeeee!

For certain members of my generation, I will have to clarify. The film The Warriors is not being made into a graphic novel (though the odds are good that it probably was at some point). Instead, Tokyopop and Harper Collins have banded together for the first time ever to bring you Erin Hunter's ridiculously popular Warriors series. Manga cats.

Those of you familiar with the series (or who know kids that are) will find this more enlightening than I:
According to TOKYOPOP, Warriors: The Lost Warrior will feature "a very special note" from the author to Warriors fans. Warriors: The Lost Warrior manga series, created by Dan Jolley and James Barry, tells the untold tale of the feline hero Graystripe: his life with humans and his ultimate quest to be reunited with his clan. Graystripe's story in the manga series bridges the gap between Hunter's "The New Prophecy" (the second series) and the next installment of the Warriors novel series Power of Three, the beginning of the third series.
It's all due out in May of 2007. If major retailers start promoting this adequately, I suspect that the response will be massive. Stock your libraries now, kittens.

Thanks to the Sandbox for the link.

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At 11:21 AM , Blogger Bookseller Chick said...

Kids are fanatical about these books (or at least they were at my store). I cannot count the number of times a little boy or girl would come straight to the counter to ask where to find them. Not shy those Warrior lovers. I once had a little boy who was so tan that he looked like he spent most of his summer rolling in the dirt, stand there and recount what he found so amazing.

I'm cool with anything that makes kids that happy and that excited about reading (most of them knew more about the release dates for the books than I did!).


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