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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Particularly Brainless Book Challenge

I don't usually weigh in on the various kidlit book challenges that crop up around the country, if only because I feel that Leila Roy at bookshelves of doom has that subject covered. But sometimes a challenge of a particularly silly stripe will catch my eye. Now we've always known that if Maurice Sendak was put on God's green earth to fulfill one purpose and one purpose alone, it was to drive finicky adults bezerk. So perhaps it is not too too odd that someone would go about attempting a ban on 1992's I Saw Esau. Is it merely offensive? No, my darling, it is downright "porn". So sayeth a concerned mother and, as Ms. Roy points out, "It sounds like the parent didn't go to the school with her complaint, but straight to the press." What a sweetheart. I'm especially amused that the woman's daughter had a great time with it before her mother intervened.

And look!
Pictures with post-it notes! Joy!

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At 6:05 PM , Blogger Franki said...

UGH! The most frightening thing in the article is that the mother thinks that parents should approve every book in the school library. Hmmmm. A very scary thought. It never bothers me when a child does't like the book for their own child, but to make decisions for everyone else makes me very, very nervous.

At 11:21 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


How embarrassing for the daughter. If the mother was really thinking about the daugthers well being she wouldn't have put her in a situation to be teased by her peers. Why didn't the mom talk to the libarian or school first. That was very selfish of her. The daughter probably won't be reading the higher power of Lucky anytime soon.

At 9:16 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I read "MTSU professor" I realized this happened in the next county over from me. I'm wanting to open a children's bookstore here in the next year or two so, Lord knows I'll have to consider this "population". I'm so grateful of the librarians for pointing out the book's credentials, but stunned that the mom didn't come to them first! Of course she has whatever choice or opinion in the world she cares to have, but good grief, attempt to make it a conversation, not an ambush.

At 2:28 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

as a school librarian I agree with Franki - and I have had parents ask my Principal if they can approve books that I buy before they go on the shelves. I am at a Catholic school, but I know this happens in public school too. Have you hard about the woman in Gwinnett County, GA who has gone all the way to the State Eduation board to ban Harry Potter - yup, that's where I live, thankfully she has not won... yet.

At 8:03 PM , Blogger kittenpie said...

I personally find her mispelling "obsene" on her post-its to be telling, and somehow both funny and sad. Poor kid.


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