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Thursday, March 08, 2007

In the Year 2K8 2K8

I don't think it's too early in the year to declare The Class of 2K7 an undeniable success. Already a host of their authors have churned out some fairly incredible creations. So well done there.

But alas. What if you are a first time author of a middle grade or YA novel and your book is coming out in 2008? Gee gosh willikers, wouldn't it be nice if someone took the time and consideration to create a Class of 2K8?

Fret no longer, m'hearties. The answer to your prayers comes in the
form of one Jody Feldman. As she says:

On April 15, we will officially open for business and be ready to take applications from those who:*Will have a first MG or YA novel debuting in 2008
...*From an established publishing house listed in CWIM
...*And are
willing to contribute a fair share toward a group effort
...*Plus ... maybe we'll add another qualifier here once those houses, ducks and knitting are taken care of.

Consider yourself forewarned. Now go tell your friends.

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