Fuse #8

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Love the One You Hate

There's an informal poll (why do I feel the need to slip in the word "informal"?) going on at Mitali's Fire-Escape on a topic near and dear to our hearts:

"Do you discuss, recommend, ding, or write about books you haven't read (qualifying your comments, of course, by admitting your non-reader status)?"

No no, surely not NO. Well. I mean. Sure there was that one time. And I'm busy. Places to go. People to see. Certainly you can't expect someone to read EVERYTHING out there, do you?

Such excuses serve you ill, but we all pull them out from time to time. Go and vote at Mitali's and BE HONEST. It's an anonymous poll. No one's going to come after you with thick sharp sticks if you tell the truth.

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