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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Top Ten Banned Books of 2006

Doggone Kids Lit. Why does it have to be so consistently informative? Doesn't Tasha Saecker know that she keeps raising the bar for the rest of us? Some of us would like to slack off and be lazy here, Ms. Saecker, but that's mighty difficult to do when you keep bombarding us with great news items. *sigh*

Anywho, the newest tidbit ripped untimely from Kids Lit's womb (I declare today Shakespeare Thursday) is the list of Top Ten Banned Books of 2006. My husband's professor at Columbia, one Mr. Peter Parnell (eternally cursed to be confused with that other children's author, Peter Parnall) and his lovely little Tango are numero uno on the list. The Alice series is slipping (used to be there was a time you could count on it to be number one every year). And look! Scary Stories is on the list again! Aw, that takes me back. I find it funny that it's never banned because of the pictures. Honestly, guys, when you compare the urban legends inside to those freaky-ass Stephan Gammell illustrations, there's little doubt left in your mind as to why the books are as popular as they are. Whoever let Gammell do picture books as well was a brave brave soul.

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At 5:45 PM , Blogger Sarah Louise said...

I remember the day "and tango makes three" was brought back to be put in non-fiction because we had a "reconsideration letter." And then it sat in the back because we had to decide what number to give it. (It's with families in 305.something)

And I love Steve Gammell. One summer a few years ago I made it my project to try to find all the books he illustrated. I think one of my favorites is Monster Mama.

At 10:47 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love Gammell, too, but I'm still laughing at your comment, 'cause HALLELUJAH and AMEN and YES he is freaky. His ABC-nasty-fly-going-everywhere book is brilliant but creepy to me.


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