Fuse #8

Friday, March 16, 2007

Wow. My First Net Blurb.

We've discussed Library Thing in the past. How it's there to catalog your books. The joy associated with the Unsuggester. That sort of thing. Well apparently they're desperate for blurbs. Something I mentioned off-hand has shown up on their What the blogosphere is saying about LibraryThing page. I once made one of the titles of my postings, "You Know LibraryThing, You Need LibraryThing," and I'm fairly certainly I intended to follow that up with, "You Know You Need Unique LibraryThing," (which the theater geeks amongst us will recognize). Well, they pilfered my words. Go figure. Take a gander. Something you once said offhand might be there as well. If nothing else it's quite a collection of literary bloggers.

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