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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Video Sunday - Misc.

No theme this week. I'm feeling all kinds of lazy. So let us plumb the internet itself, sans rhyme or reason, and come up with tasty tidbits in and of themselves.

This one comes from Adrienne at What Adrienne Thinks About That. Her boss apparently sent it to her. Those of us in the profession can relate. And I was delighted to see that it also displays a death-by-closed-stacks portion that is reminiscent of a movie my husband made in college.

In the realm of "oh, THAT's how it's done!" I bring you an explanation for how graphic novel illustration works via computer. Like the Bone books? Of course you do. You are a beautiful, intelligent, highly motivated individual. As such, you will enjoy this view of coloring in Thorn from the books. I just think that it's cool that you get to draw on the actual screen.

Julie at Children's Illustration recently had a small tribute to Bill Baird and Company over at her site. First off, it's very interesting to watch pre-Muppet puppets. Plus the song is fairy trippy in and of itself. Betcha you won't see the iron lung coming, though.

How come no one names their daughters Cora anymore? I think Cora is going to have a second coming. GO CORA! Julie, I should note, also located this neat interview with Brian Selznick about his latest. You may have heard of it. It's something something Hugo something, I think.

Which led to me to the discovery of this Expanded Books website. And that, in turn, led me to the discovery of something the Buffy fans amongst us will find odd. Look! It's Tara! Writing books! The book itself isn't all that thrilling, but it's nice to see Amber Benson getting work of one kind or another.

We'll do a 180 after this and show the direct opposite of horror novels with an interview with Rosemary Wells. Anyone who has ever worked with Ms. Wells will tell you that the woman is... a pistol, let's say. Yes. That sounds about right. A pistol. Well, here she is doing the sweetness and light bit.

Pistol, I say.

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At 6:51 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link! It inspired me to blog about my years as a puppeteer.

BTW, Bil And Cora Baird had two children: Peter and Laura. Peter passed away in 2004. Is that the Cora you are thinking of?

Sadly, in the late 80's they had to auction off many of the Baird puppets to pay taxes.

I wish I had known about that auction! Guess it wouldn't have mattered, though. I wouldn't have been able to afford one then.

At 10:13 PM , Blogger ElsKushner said...

I know at least one toddler Cora. Her 6-year-old sister is named Hazel, and the family is wicked arty and cool. So I'd say you'll be seeing Coras at your storytimes soon.

Also--I just saw in the New Yorker that there were some screenings of Georges Melies's films this weekend and maybe even tomorrow. Not sure why I'm mentioning this as it's probably too late for anyone seeing it to go see the films; I just thought it was cool they were doing it.


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