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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Animalia & the Newbery

Oh good. Monica has begun to use her blog in a Newbery-related way. This is good news. It's not everyday you get to read the words of someone on such a committee as that. Not that Monica is going to give her thoughts on the current crop of literature. Last year's... let's say brouhaha, has left her disinclined to draw undue attention to thoughts on the matter. Instead, she prefers to bring up topics like this one posted just this week.
"What do you think about animal fantasies? Is there one out this year you think we should be considering for the Newbery? Or is there one we should NOT be considering?"
Monica is looking at older Newbery winners rather than the current crop, but that isn't to say that you, dear reader, can't offer opinions on questions such as these. Current animal fantasies. Are there any Charlotte's Webs or (heaven forfend) Wittingtons crossing your line of sight these days? I have to admit, I'm stumped. Talking animals appear to be few and far between in 2007. Last year I saw a whole troop of different farm critters. This year? Not so much.

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