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Friday, May 18, 2007

Because Who Wants to Watch a Show With the Word "Flies" In the Title?

Good news. We've moved one step closer to the Apocalypse today. From Cynopsis Kids:

Among the new shows CBS introduced yesterday at its upfront for the 2007-2008 fall primetime lineup was a reality show titled Kid Nation . Kid Nation stars kids, 40 kids ages 8-15 to be exact. These kids will spend 40 days living in an abandoned "ghost town," without parents or the modern stuff they are used to, where they will try to build their own functioning society. What does that mean? Get out your conch shells out, because the group will need to do their own cooking, cleaning, haul water, deal with each other and choose leaders and make laws (including bedtimes). Nobody will get voted outta town, kids who leave do so because they want to go home. While not targeted to kids, they'll watch, but they'll only be back if the characters are good and there is lots of conflict. The show will air Wednesdays at 8-9p.
What could possibly go wrong?
The extra wonderful jolt of irony? This is the show they're replacing Jericho with.

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At 5:53 AM , Blogger lifelongreader said...

Great find, Fuse - sounds weird!

At 8:07 AM , Blogger Liz B said...

I'm not watching unless Dale & Jonah show up & take over the town.

At 10:59 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that this is also a Star Trek episode.

At 5:37 PM , Blogger Kimberly/lectitans said...

anonymous is right. This is a Star Trek episode, with its very own South Park parody.

I wonder how long before they start stepping on glasses and roasting wild boars.

I also wonder whose parents would agree to this.

At 10:38 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

OMG! Didn't the producers ever have to read Lord of the Flies in school?


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