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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dark is Rising Pics and Info

The Husband reads Ain't It Cool News with far more regularity than I. We all have our favorite film sites. I just happen to prefer the cool heads at Cinematical and Dark Horizons, that's all. But recently hubby o' mine alerted me to a bit of fine The Dark is Rising information out there. Site creator Harry Knowles is the belle of the film studios. They fly him out and let him interview the cast and crew of whatever film it is he's discussing at a given moment. As such he tends to be a tad... effusive, let us say.

The choice of latest film was interesting to me because Harry always takes a singular pride in having not read any of the fantasy novels whose movies he reports on. I suppose he feels it gives him a clean slate or some such nonsense. He's gotten away with mentioning not reading the Potter books with a sneer that would do Harold Bloom proud, but when it comes to Cooper he is oddly impressed. He thinks that this is a good film. I am glad to hear it, though I wonder if he'll ever go out and read the book for a compare & contrast session. Probably not.

Read the post. Anyone else catch the throwaway line about Will getting chased in a mall?

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At 2:10 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really think that movie critics who refuse to read the source material (when a movie is based on a book) are doing themselves and their readers a disservice. I base this opinion on a "C" review of The Bridge to Terabithia that I read in Entertainment Weekly. (*Disclaimer: I haven't seen this movie.) The critic gave the movie a poor review because it didn't have enough of the fantasy/CGI moments in it!!!! Granted, Disney bogusly hyped that portion of the movie in the trailers, but if the critic had any knowledge of the book, he (or she) would have known that the fantasy stuff was just a small part of a really great story.

At 9:24 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

A mall? Will's dad is a physics professor? His brothers tease him and he's interested in girls?

This is still"when the dark come rising, six shall turn it back," isn't it?

I was SO excited about this movie but not anymore. I have loved the books for years and was thrilled when my oldest child was able to read them. :(


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