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Thursday, December 07, 2006

List of Best Children's Books

Lazy lady that I am, I'm perfectly content to talk about the Best Book lists out there, but I'd never thought to, y'know, compile them or anything. Now I don't have to. Chicken Spaghetti has compiled the following:

Lists of best children's books of 2006 can be found at

Book Trust (UK books from the first half of the year)
Carnegie Medal nominees (UK)
Costa Children's Book Award short list (UK)
Greenaway Medal nominees (UK)
The Guardian (UK)
The Horn Book
Inside a Dog (Australia)
Kirkus (note: PDF file)
The New York Times Book Review
Parenting Magazine
Publishers Weekly
School Library Journal

I didn't even know NPR had a list. And they listed the fabulous Kampung Boy as one of the best graphic novels? How did I miss this?

Many thanks again to Susan.


At 2:28 PM , Anonymous elizabeth fama said...

Even Time Magazine has a list out:


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