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Monday, March 19, 2007

Lookie Lookie! A Brit!

With the exception of Scholar's Blog, British kidlit bloggers are few and far between. I've always wondered about the ominous wall of silence emanating from The British Isles, particularly when you consider the sheer amount of material they're able to produce. You understand my delight, then, at finding Notes From the Slush Pile as created by a Candy Gourlay. She's currently attempting to get her children's books published and in the process happens to comment on kidlit topics to boot. Should you be needing a bit of an interesting Brit fix, she may prove to be your cup of tea.

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At 7:44 AM , Blogger Luisa said...

We run a British teen fiction blog here, with book reviews, polls, author interviews, giveaways and fun stuff.


from Chicklish

At 10:17 AM , Blogger fusenumber8 said...

Neat! Keep 'em coming. I want to see full British blogger representation here.

At 10:56 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

there's also Tockla's World and Achockablog.

At 2:59 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd like to add another plug for Achockablog and its related website, Achuka.co.uk. Their creator, Michael Thorn, is a book reviewer, educator, and voracious reader. He links to children's lit articles and reviews in the British press and is always on top of the news.

At 1:40 PM , Blogger fusenumber8 said...

I'm very fond of Achuka (especially their adorable little mascot) but consistently I have difficulty viewing their site. I'm not sure why. In any case, good reminder.


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