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Saturday, December 16, 2006

New Blog #2

New as of November 30th, that is. If you're looking for a new publishing blog, seek no further than A Different Stripe: Notes From NYRB Classics. NYRB is, of course, The New York Review of Books. They've been responsible for a rather magnificent republication of forgotten treasures, and I've always enjoyed their selection. We get some NYRB staff members here at Donnell looking at old titles once in a while, which is a distinct treat. Heck, if you have an out-of-print classic on your mind you can even suggest it to them on their website.

In spite of their delicious attention to classic kidlit, NYRB has never shown an interest in rubbing elbows with the rest of the children's literary world. They do not meet and mingle with librarians. They are not on child_lit. They do not send us catalogs. Instead they set up their booth at ALA Conferences and then sit very quietly in their corners, making certain not to draw too much attention to themself. On the other hand, adult bookstores that would faint rather than stock a single copy of Walter the Farting Dog will gladly display proudly the NYRB titles that come to their attention.

And now a blog. The site in question has an option where you can look solely at their Children's Collection postings, which is useful for people like myself. Something to keep your eye on, in any case.


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