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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Pop-Up Wonders

Y'all may have noticed the multiple articles out there discussing the sudden influx of "adult" pop-up books on the market today. To what do we owe this trend? Well, according to this article
"Pop-ups appeal to adults because it allows them to revert back to their childhood experiences with things that amaze them. When an adult's eyes light up when turning the page of a pop-up, I know they've become kids again."
No one who has ever picked up a Robert Sabuda or Matthew Reinhart book would disagree. The Boston Globe weighs in on the matter and gives some nice attention to the books recently published. I took issue with the mention of that gawdawful Hitchcock book, but appreciated that it was able to say, "Coming next year: 'The Pop-up Encyclopedia of Star Wars,' 'The Chronicles of Narnia,' and a sequel to the celebrity meltdowns book."

I think I saw this briefly mentioned on another kidlit blog. I apologize for not remembering who posted it first.

Thanks to Galleycat for the link.


At 11:00 AM , Blogger Jeremiah McNichols said...

I ordered Mommy (Maurice Sendak + others currently slipping my mind) for my daughter (age 2.5) and was amazed at what came in the mail. Waaaay too intricate for a young kid, probably should have known, but so beautiful! We are glad to have it for ourselves.

Then again, we are a bit Sendak crazy and continue to be amazed at just how much he did with so many diverse authors as well as books on his own. (Our daughter now squeals "Maurice Sendak!" when we pull out Where the Wild Things Are and In the Night Kitchen.) We are discovering new ones on a weekly basis. I will blog about our favorites soon ... some of his books tend to have dark themes but he can make pretty much any subject appropriate for any age.

At 11:13 AM , Blogger fusenumber8 said...

Oh good. I like your blog. And "Mommy" is a masterpiece in and of itself. Someone should established a best Pop-Up Book of the year award. Hrm...

At 8:37 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's not forget how many get ripped up - especially this time of year - and how many get recalled or returned due to small parts!


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