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Thursday, February 15, 2007

I Have Sought Thee, Sung Thee, Dreamed Thee, Desbarollda

I'm a sucker for the rerelease of out-of-print books. You should have seen me the other day when I discovered that Amy Schwartz's Bea and Mr. Jones was recently reprinted. I deafened two small children for life via my vocal chords alone. If you haven't used this book in a readaloud, now's the time.

Anyway, I like to keep an ear out for additional republications, whatever they may be. As a regular reader of Neil Gaiman's blog, I was intrigued by a recent post in which he recounted his childhood love of the author Noel Langley who wrote The Land of Green Ginger (as well as the script for The Wizard of Oz). Well a British publisher took Neil's post so much to heart that he sought out other Langley books, read them cover to cover, and republished one called Desbarollda the Dancing Mouse. It was originally illustrated by Edward Ardizzone, which they did not change (thank heavens) and you can even view some of the pages on Amazon.

Gosh, I'd love that kinda sway. But I already have my Out-of-Print Crimes Against Humanity list on the sidebar here. Not much more I can do, aside from mentioning in every other post how cool Adelaide Holl's Minnikin, Midgie, & Moppet was. Now there's a book worth taking a second gander at. *hint hint hint*

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At 10:21 AM , Blogger Dan McCoy said...

I like to imagine Stefan singing this post title.

At 9:19 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just shouted out loud... "THE ULTRA VIOLET CATASTROPHE!!"

Oh how I loved that book... I haven't thought of it in years...thank you for your creative labels. I'm going straight to eBay. I'm serious. Straight. To. eBay.


At 10:24 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love that book. It's the best. Glad to hear it has been reprinted. I will need to get a new copy.

At 5:58 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Getting out-of-print books back into print is hard. First you have to find who can give permission. Then you have to obtain permission. Then you have to do the scanning/cleanup, which is time-consuming, especially for illustration where the originals are not available and you have to tidy up the printed versions. And then you have to find a printer who can do the work. And of course, if you weren't a publisher before, you have to become one.

And then there's marketing.

But on the whole, it's worth-while if you really want to see a book back in print.

And you can now read the first three chapters of Desbarollda, The Waltzing Mouse online at http://www.durrantpublishing.com/

Paul Durrant
Durrant Publishing

(The Winged Girl of Knossos doe sound fun. But I couldn't find Erik Berry (Allena Best)'s lterary agent quickly through the usual sources, and no-one's reprinted any of her books recently (except one that must be out of copyright in the USA). And then second-hand copies are going at around £70 which is a bit much for a quick look.

Republishing out of print books is hard.)


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