Fuse #8

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Does Siding With the Fish Make Me a Bad Person?

This morning I'm off to a Random House preview of... Summer books I think. It's too early in the year for Fall previews, right? Must be summer. I'll recap it sometime in the next few days, regardless.

At any rate, the last time I was at the Random House librarian preview I was munching bagels and watching them present the upcoming Annotated Cat In the Hat, edited by Philip Nel (official HMOCL numero uno). Now Newsweek has done a piece on the book and it is most certainly worth your time. Even if you don't consider yourself a Seuss aficionado, click on Images 1 through 5 at the top of the screen to see some of the good doctor's before and after sketches. That's worth the price of admission right there.

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