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Monday, May 21, 2007

She Acts, She Options... But What She Really Wants to do is Direct

Note: I'm having difficulty finding this information confirmed anywhere else. Editor/Author Lisa Graff at the Longstockings blog recently discovered the following information in Publisher's Marketplace:

Sharon Creech's RUBY HOLLER, optioned to Abigail Breslin; her BLOOMABILITY, optioned Teri Hatcher for her production company; and the Newbery-winning WALK TWO MOONS, previously under option to Jonathan Demme, optioned to Rocket Dreams, by Kassie Evashevski at UTA, on behalf of Amy Berkower at Writers House.
Skirting about the issue of whether or not kids should be optioning books at all, kudos to Creech. I tried to see whether or not Ms. Creech's website would talk about this at all, but mum's the word. Personally, I think she should stop being so doggone productive and start a blog. That would clear all this right up.

Of course, one wonders why Breslin wanted Ruby Holler in the first place. It's a nice book, no question, but it's not the first title you would think a kid would want to create. Breslin (or Breslin's mommy and daddy) must be a very big fan.

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