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Friday, February 16, 2007

Comic Round-Up

The website poetryfoundation.org has come up with a novel idea on how to increase interest in their archive of poetic contributions. They've "let loose" (their own words) graphic novelists on their poems. The first of the series was Diane Wakoski’s 1966 work “Belly Dancer” which was reinvented by graphic novelist David Heatley. It's a fun idea. And I wouldn't mind finding a children's poetry website that does the same thing. Thanks to Bookninja for the link.

There's also a Comic Convention coming up here in New York that I get to go to for free because I'm a librarian. I'm not certain how it is that my profession gives me this perk, but I'm cool with it. Seems of particular interest then to note that the very first Kids Comic Con is about to be held at the Bronx Community College on April 28, 2007. I'm not familiar enough with that world to recognize any of the speakers, but perhaps someone else will be.

And then there have been two graphic novels as of late that have caught my eye as potential kid picks. The first is something called Spiral Bound by Aaron Renier. It came out in 2005 but has been getting all kinds of rave reviews. Clearly I am behind the times. Still, with blurbs from Dav Pilkey, Lemony Snicket, Craig Thompson, and even the CCBC, it must be doing something right.

The Brits, for their part, have given us a little something by the name of Fluffy. It's being published here in American starting February 27th and not by a children's publisher. Still, for all its adult potential it may be worth looking to see whether or not this would make a good addition to a children's GN collection.

And finally, in terms of bookstores that actually go out and SELL graphic novels, there was some sad news lately regarding Minneapolis's Dreamhaven Books. They've recently suffered a break-in and what with three bookstores recently closing in the same city, this could take a serious toll on the store. So if you're in the mood to buy a book as of late, please consider doing so through their online site. You'll be a better person if you do. Scout's honor.

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