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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Confession Time: I'm Actually Maurice Sendak

I'm sure you suspected all along. The signs were there right from the start. What pop-up book did I think was exemplary in 2006? Mommy. Who did I say I'd like to dine with in my interview on 7-Imp? Sendak. Yeah, I've been masquerading as a 28-year-old female librarian for quite some time, but now the jig is up.

You see, my brilliant plan was to set up a fake blog and then review all my own books on it, starting some kinda buzz. How was I to know that “falsely representing oneself as a consumer” will soon be sufficient reason for criminal prosecution in the UK, starting December 31st? Fun fact though: Fake blogs are now known as "flogs".

Ah well. I guess it was better to out myself now. After all, it is also highly unlikely that blogs will ever change the world. Why even bother with them now?

Thanks to Bookninja for the links.

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