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Friday, February 16, 2007

How the Kidlit Drink Night Actually Went

Loudly. Did I mention that it was loud? It was loud.

Here's J.L. Bell's honest recap of how a typical conversation at Bar 9 tends to go:

Nice woman: Hi, Jo#¢§, I'm ¶¥†ƒth º∞££¢w8ell™£ Bar∂ßåaw.
Me: Hello,...Ellen? I’m happy to meet you.
Nice woman: ≠∆¬∆µç≈ §∞∂å∑i§÷¶leߪm and I ¶ªå™∑@rstwhi^7 }O∂å‰ÍÅÔ∆∆ on ¥$∞7‡6=•.
Me: Ha ha! I mean, I’m so sorry. I mean, really?
As found at Oz and Ends.

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