Fuse #8

Friday, May 04, 2007

For Extra Credit

Know a college kid who'd like to intern with a prestigious literary blogger? Well Ron Hogan over at Galleycat's looking for someone.
Obviously, most of the GalleyCat readership skews towards the gainfully employed, but maybe you know some enterprising journalism or creative writing major who'd be interested in (among other duties) soliciting guest essays, doing short interviews with authors, and formatting essays and interview transcripts for online publication. At the very least, such an intern would make a lot of industry contacts and, if they impress enough, earn a glowing recommendation; I'd even be willing to talk to department heads about course credit if somebody wanted to put that on the table. So if you know anybody who'd be interested, have them get in touch with me.
Sounds kinda fun. A good idea as well. I wouldn't mind having a couple kids willing to locate potential blog articles for me to skim through at the end of a long day. That'd be swell! You'd get to meet some big big names with Galleycat, though. Plus, I doubt grad profs would see Fuse #8 as potential course credit. Worth pondering, however.

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