Fuse #8

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Nerdfighter 2.0

It's not Video Sunday, but this marks a convergence of two of my favorite things. Neil Gaiman and Brotherhood 2.0. Everyone has their favorite Brotherhood video. Mine was the one where they sang Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone From Your Pants, but this one may upset the balance. Check it out.

Not only do we get to hear Neil Gaiman talk about sex (gurgle). Not only is there a shout-out to Coe Booth. But there is a SONG! I love the songs! And the "fat guy in a candy store line" will now undoubtedly be the last thing I randomly think about before I expire on my deathbed at the crusty old age of 102.

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At 11:11 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only advantage of hearing the "Helena, Montana" song is that it booted "Hello! Ma Baby" out of my head, which Eric maliciously inserted this morning.


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