Fuse #8

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Biker Gang Proposal

The Brookeshelf recently mentioned that MotherReader's Anti-Celebrity-Writer organization BACA isn't the first BACA to ever exist. There are others including, but not limited too:

BACA: Boston Association of Cabaret Artists
BACA: Baltic Air Charter Association
BACA: British Association of Clinical Anatomists
BACA: Boston Area Coffehouse Association

and of course

BACA: Bikers Against Child Abuse

Reminds me of my favorite party game Beyond Balderdash where you're given an acronym and must come up with a silly but believable use for a random smattering of letters.

As to the last acronym, Ms. Brooke proposes that it would not be out of place for the kidlit participants out there to consider having their own biker gang. I shall offer up a Roller Derby Gang counter proposal. After all, it isn't like there isn't a precedent.

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