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Monday, May 07, 2007

Quick and Dirty

Okay. Had a busy Sunday and couldn't really write adequate posts on these topics. Then again, I didn't want to post them on Tuesday because I thought they deserved attention ASAP. So we're pulling a quick and dirty. Sorry for the brevity. It's not really my strong suit.
  1. There's a really nice interview with Gary Schmidt (author of this year's remarkable The Wednesday Wars) in Publisher's Weekly that's definitely worth a peek.
  2. Via Jen Robinson's Book Page I discovered that there's a Dystopian Book Challenge going on at the beautifully bannered Books. Lists. Life.
  3. If you can't buy Moomin, don't buy at all.
  4. There are few things I love more than honest out-and-out hatred of poor cover choices on the part of publishers. And What Adrienne Thinks About That has found a doozy of a lousy cover reversal.
  5. Anyone ever get hits from JacketFlap? What's up with those guys anyway? Cynsations has the inside story.
  6. It's a little known fact, but every kidlit blogger is contractually obligated to write at least 2 Harry Potter pieces per week on their site. True! Honest! So first of all, if you want to join Dumbledore's Army, now's the time. And second, there was a great article where a former teacher of the great author reminisces over J.K. Rowling. The best part? Talking about the professors who may have inspired characters in the books.

    "There was this Snape prototype who was the head of biology. Alan Rickman, who plays Snape in the movies, looks like this guy, and he even has the same monotone voice. He was a memorable character, nice to me and the other adults, but not to the students. But now he's retired, and he dresses up as Snape and gives Harry Potter tours."

    Thanks to The Leaky Cauldron for that one.
  7. I guess Batgirl wasn't enough. Someone had to go and make SuperLibrarian an actual comic.
  8. And finally, this isn't kidlit related but it confirms at least one thing. The Apocalypse is nearly nigh. Ick.



At 8:09 AM , Blogger Lisa said...

Hey, thanks for the mention! I have actually started a little blog for the Dystopian Challenge at http://dystopianchallenge.blogspot.com.

I'm happy to have any visitors to the main pages as well though!


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